Meet Moss Frog

Coming soon ... Moss the strawberry poison dart frog!  These frogs come in variations of solid color, red body and blue legs, spotted, and even striped. But the Moss Frog I write about looks the most like the one I found here.

Interesting side note: there is actually a species of frog called a moss frog that lives in Africa. I didn’t know that when I chose Moss’s name. I think he would be proud and also think it rather funny that his name also belongs to another species of tiny frog.

[UPDATE] I have re-found my illustrator! He and I had collaborated on this book, but once I found a publisher willing to work with both of us, John went missing—he had left his job at a local press, and I didn't know where he had gone. Turns out he moved out of state! Now that we're back in touch, the project is moving forward. I can't wait to share it with you!

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