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I’ve been a freelance editor since 2002, beginning in the educational field and moving into the family-friendly book publishing field in 2011. My experience covers writing for children, from picture books to chapter books, as well as adult fiction and nonfiction. My services are typically booked 1-2 months in advance. If you are interested in hiring me, please contact me at bbcovert123@gmail.com with a brief summary and sample of your work. 

NOTE: I do not work in the horror or erotica genres. I don’t offer a free sample of my services. 


·       Content Editing - A thorough reading of your manuscript and assessment of the overall story (characters, motivation, plot, pacing, tone, etc). Does not include a substantial line edit. If you want an experienced professional to tell you what works, what doesn't, and if any elements are missing from your story, choose a content edit. 

·       Copy Editing This focuses on a substantial line edit that includes grammar, punctuation, and fact checking. This service does not address content. I will address what has been written with an emphasis on clarity and effect.


Pricing is negotiable based on the level of work desired. Docs e-mailed as attachments are preferred over hard copies.

Content Editing:            $3.50/page, with a page being equal to 250 words.*

Full Content Edit:      250 pg. manuscript (62,500 words) = $875
                                            20 pg. short story (5,000 words) = $70
                                            1 poem (approx. 20 lines) = $36

        Typed notes detailing your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.

Quick Look:                   250 pg. manuscript (62,500 words) = $435
                                             20 pg. short story (5,000 words) = $35
                                             1 poem (approx. 20 lines) = $18

·     Brief, typed notes addressing strengths and major concerns with the manuscript (no less than one full page, single spaced, approx. 500 words, 250 words for short stories and poetry).

Copy Editing:                      $3.50/pg. with a page being equal to 250 words.*

Content + Copy Editing:      $4/pg. with a page being equal to 250 words.

Content + Copy Editing for children’s picture book manuscript: $100 flat fee

* 250 words is the industry standard for a manuscript page typed in a 12 pt font and double spaced. Please don't send single-spaced manuscripts or shrink your font smaller than 12 pt. It will not result in a lower rate.


Jennifer Ross, author of Isaiah’s Story: When waiting for my book to be put into the hands of an editor, I secretly prayed that Brenda would be chosen for the job and that she would happily take on such a sensitive subject ... and that she did. She helped me to fully enhance every area that was missing details that I would have never picked up on. We had fun working together, too. Always sending funny remarks to and fro. For any work that I put together in the future, I will be requesting it to go directly to Brenda. Her work is exceptional!

Lindon and Sherry Gareis, founders of Action Plan Ministries and authors of Decluttered Now Study Guide: Brenda just completed edits for our second book and we couldn't be more pleased. She was attentive to detail, offered expert advice and was a pleasure to work with. She improved the quality of our product, and we are very grateful.

Sarah Martin Byrd, author of The Color of My Heart and The River Keeper: Brenda and I started working together...when she was assigned to edit my novel, The Color of My Heart, for my publishing company, Ambassador International. I found Brenda to be very thorough. My personal editor had already been through the novel three times, and I more times than I can count, but Brenda found two plot flaws that were crucial to the guts of the story.

Brenda was assigned my second novel, The River Keeper, and in this novel she helped me work through mountain dialect, where to put apostrophes, and fixed all my “quit” and “quite” mistakes. In both novels Brenda not only cleaned up the punctuation and grammar but also provided input that was very insightful in a couple of places that may have been confusing to the reader. 

Brenda was fun to work with, very prompt, and met deadlines. I recommend her highly.

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