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In 2002, several writer-friends who were writing for Union Gospel Press encouraged me to apply to do freelance writing for them. This press publishes conservative, KJV-only stories, essays, lessons, activities, and poetry for church use. To write for them, you do not submit samples. Instead, you express your interest in writing for them using a form available on their website. If your beliefs and background, in addition to your preferred type of writing, match up with what they need, they will send you an assignment, for which you will write a sample and return. From that, they will decide whether they want you to complete the assignment.

After I applied, they sent me an assignment for thirteen stories for a children’s Sunday school take-home paper quarterly. I can’t remember now whether I was required to write one story or two, but I wrote those and sent them in and waited anxiously. What a thrill I had the moment I ripped open their letter and saw that my work had passed muster, and I could finish the rest of the stories in the assignment! I have been accepting and completing assignments for them ever since, working on two to three a year. In addition to writing for children ages 9-11, I have also written poetry for the “Comfort and Encouragement” section of their quarterly adult Home Study booklets.

One of my friends has written Sunday school lessons and activities, and another wrote essays for the take-home papers.

[UPDATE in May 2017] For a long time, my take-home paper story, Grace for a Sleepover (extending grace to others was the theme), was included as a story sample on the UGP website. However, early this year the company rolled out big changes in their publications, one being that stories for their new take-home papers are much shorter. Thus, my story is no longer the example, so the link I used to have here is no longer found.

 For info on becoming a writer for Union Gospel Press, which includes a downloadable pdf form for those who are interested in writing for them, can be found here:


Union Gospel Press is looking for talented people who want to glorify the Lord through the written word and hone their writing skills in the process. Various kinds of assignments geared toward all ages are available, including Bible exposition, devotionals, and other features for Sunday school lesson manuals. There are also stories, articles, and activities for take-home papers as well as articles for our quarterly magazine. Specific instructions and pay rates are explained when each assignment is offered.

We have been publishing conservative, nondenominational, evangelical literature for over one hundred years. Be sure to view descriptions and samples of our publications under the Curriculum tab on our home page. Interested writers should click on the link below. Print out the Biographical Fact Sheet, fill in the required information, and either fax it to us at (216) 749-2205 or scan it and e-mail it to editorial@uniongospelpress.com with a few paragraphs telling us about yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

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