My Family

At our largest, my family consisted of five people: two white parents, two adopted black children, and a foster baby who was meant to be a permanent addition to the family. Then in 1999 we lost the husband/father. The following year, that foster baby, my son for two years, was taken and returned to the family who had neglected him, much to the dismay of our caseworker, my heartbroken self, and and the kids. My estranged husband came back to say goodbye to the baby and cry on my shoulder. And then he left.

I had turned to homeschooling in 1997 after my son’s unsatisfactory year in K4. (Both children were diagnosed with ADHD, making sitting still and listening quietly in a classroom quite painful!) I continued to homeschool as a single parent. Jobs I could do at home seemed to find me without my looking for them, as God dropped them in my lap! I homeschooled through 9th grade, after which my son gave traditional public school a try, and my daughter dove into a public online school, where she thrived. I continued to tutor her as needed until she graduated.

Now I am the mother of two young adults. My son is independent and lives an hour from here. He loves gaming, the outdoors, cars, cooking, and challenging authority. My daughter is happily working and saving up for a Honda. With her first income tax return, she bought herself a new laptop, a new desk (with hutch), and a good desk chair. She loves fashion, music, and singing at retirement centers; she wants to take me to Disney World. In 2015, we went on a cruise, where she entertained our friends by singing karaoke!

I still work mostly from my home office. With my Spanish education, I have written scripts for young students learning Spanish, and I once worked typesetting menus for Mexican restaurants. (In my youth I had dreamed of becoming a missionary to Mexico like my cousins, but I never made it across the border once! I read Spanish better than I speak it.) I enjoy watching the Olympics and rooting for the underdogs, but I am not otherwise a sports enthusiast.  Snow makes me giddy; we get it so rarely in the South! I began writing (and editing) at a young age. The spontaneous editing I did on a friend’s set of poems was not well-received, however. Imagine that! (We were about 16, and I had been asked to type them, not critique or edit them! But editing was in my blood even then!) I love what I do. God is good!
Personality pic with my parents, my brother, and pixel-face (my former husband - teehee).
This was taken before kids.

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