Wednesday, July 11, 2007

American Idols Live!2007, Greenville, SC Concert

It was a great show, y'all, I even liked Sanjaya's parts! But here's the big news: Chris Sligh had an emergency root canal earlier that day!!!! And yet he came out and sang his solo, duet, group numbers, and played the guitar for himself and others. He didn't take painkillers for fear of being loopy onstage. He was in great form. What dedication to his fans and his music!

I like Chris Sligh a lot. But Melinda Doolittle is my absolute favorite. My daughter was cheering for Gina, and my son is a Blaker Boy. We were a small part of a loud, appreciative crowd!

My seats weren't as far back as I thought they were. The kids and I were in the 14th row from the stage on the floor! So I am the world's best mom. None of their friends got as close as we did. Yay, me!

We were right behind Goliath, holding up a "CHRIS SLIGH #10" with the zero slashed out. Holding it up every time Chris came on stage. He also got in my way with his photo and video stuff. Later on he spilled his beer on my shoes, so he's on my list ...

Well, I am giddy. I've never had such a great concert experience before, I teared up several times. Phil, Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin all have voices that tug at my emotions. And sometimes I got teary just because I was there, in great seats, having fun with my kids. My kids were jumping and waving their arms. It was a great night, the Idols looked like they were having fun, and it was such a treat to see the guys play their instruments! Heck, it was a treat to be breathing the same air as them! hehehe

The crowd was on its feet every time Blake came on stage, and most of the times that Chris Sligh came onstage. Oh, and Chris R too - I was surprised at how popular he was; I can't remember where in the Top 10 he was eliminated. I think Haley and Sanjaya got the least love, but there was still clapping, waving, and shouts for them as well. No boo-ing. Greenville, SC is a very well-mannered place to be. :-)

I had read a review in which the writer was astounded at how "sexy" the show was, considering it is supposed to be family friendly. I really felt it was family friendly. Sure, Haley appeared at one point shaking her booty in a white fringed micro-mini, and yeah, Lady Marmalade was sung by LaKisha, Gina, and Haley as French ladies of the night, but most kids would have no idea that the song was a hooker song. I mean, it was popular when I was in high school, and I and my friends liked singing the French lines and the gitchee gitchee goomee yah-yahs. I promise I had no idea what I was singing until a student from French class translated for me! Talk about shocked! I didn't sing it after that!

One of the biggest hits was the five guys performing Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Phil was on keyboard, Chris Sligh, Blake, and Sanjaya were on guitar, Sanjaya also had the tambourine, and Chris R was rocking on the drums! It was so cool! I have to say that I'm sure this concert tour beats all the others, though I haven't attended any of the previous ones, simple because the Idols could play their instruments. Jordin played her guitar during one of her performances as well. We saw the Idols sing on TV, but singing with instruments was new for the tour and added a new and much-appreciated element to the program.

All in all, we had a fabulous time! Even if we did leave with less hearing than we started with...

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