Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Confessions

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Father’s Day is not the big deal that it once was in my life and has not been for more than a decade. I lost my beloved father in 1996. My beloved husband, father of my children, walked out on our family the day after Father’s Day in 1999. So, since 1999, there hasn't been much to celebrate. It became a habit to use Father’s Day to remember our fathers (both mine and theirs) with old videos, photos, and conversation.

Luckily for my children, their dad got his act together and stepped back into their lives halfway through 2006, so they have had a reason to celebrate since then. And I have made sure they have celebrated with a gift and card of the homemade variety.

With graduation and the ensuing job-hunt and also out-of-town guests, my daughter never got around to buying a card for her dad. She made her gifts (spicy peanut brittle and regular cashew brittle) and packaged them decoratively. She made glittery blue star-shaped soap. She had wavered between making or purchasing a card, and with the arrival of our guests, she ran out of time to go shopping. So she decided to make a card.

Gift bag and card with candy and soaps
Art is not a passion of hers. So I will confess that I searched online for some card ideas for her. I found something even better that made her very happy. At "A Holiday Haven," I found a printable card and gift wrap. I printed the card on card stock, and she has happily written inside and signed it. Sometimes when you are a single parent homeschooler, you run out of time, energy, and maybe even enthusiasm for the holidays. So if that’s you (or if you had no idea that tomorrow is Father’s Day), visit the link above and print out your last minute card and gift wrap! They are cute, and they will possibly assuage your guilt at not having your act completely together! ;-)

HOT TIP: The poor dear didn't have a gift bag for the candy and soap! What could she do? Well, we have paper shopping bags with handles from the health food store. I printed the “gift wrap” from the above website and glued it to the side of the bag. Voilá! A gift bag that matches the card!

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