Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Effects of Misalignment - the Wonders of Chiropractics!

I had been having eye pain and vision problems and other health issues a few days ago. Well, I went to the chiropractor today and told him how I'd been feeling and how I felt it was related to my spine. Before even examining me, he said, "Everything you described is related to your atlas." (That's the top vertebrae, C-1, of the spine at the base of your skill.) So then he did the exam and had to adjust C-1 AND C-2. I also got adjustments in my mid and low back. I left the office feeling taller and being able to see more clearly and breathe freely.

Tonight I decided to look up chiropractic issues with the spine, and I found this page where you can click on the individual vertebrae and see what problems they relate to! Go look at C-1 and C-2!

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