Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Owls and Jambalaya

My daughter and I went to the dollar movie this morning to see the Legend of the Guardians. We actually saw it last September when it was released, but it was so good we wanted to see it again. That, and I forgot what all happened after Soren found the Guardians. lol  I was amazed (once again) at how much violence was in this movie: warrior owls wear metal helmets and sharp metal claws. Not a movie for little kids, that's for sure. It reminds me of the holocaust. 

Anyway, after that we went to Red Lobster to celebrate not buying movie theater popcorn and soda pop. haha  I still had a gift card with enough money on it to cover my shrimp jambalaya. Jasmine has a job and could afford to pay for her own meal. She got garlic butter shrimp scampi. Everything was good. But now here I am, late at night, burping and feeling uncomfortable almost 12 hours later, and I'm wondering whether it's the jambalaya or the pimento cheese sandwich I had for supper. ugh. I don't feel good. 

The drain in the bath tub is clogged. It takes 24 hours for the tub to drain, which means we aren't showering very much. sigh. The other day I took a shower while Jasmine was at work, and when she got home, she wanted a shower! I told her to wait till the water went down. I ended up scooping water out with a bowl and emptying it in the sink, and then used a little wetvac to finish the job so that she could have a shower. This is no way to live!  So I finally asked my church for help since I've had extra expenses this spring and have been stretched thin. I hate asking for help. But they approved it and are going to send a plumber. I'm going to ask him while he's here if there is any likelihood that the toilets are going to stop working. He's already replaced cast iron pipes for my bathroom sink, the kitchen sink, and the pipe under the kitchen. After he replaces the bathtub pipes, all that will be left are the two toilets and Jasmine's bathroom sink. I just wonder if any of the deacons put their heads together and say, "Yeah-huh, she's getting us to replace all the plumbing in her house, a little at a time!" 

My mower broke down too. So they are going to send someone to look at that. They approved fixing or replacing it, depending on the findings. I am surprised they have that much money in the benevolence fund. 

Why am I surprised? Well, from March to April for five weeks, everyone was giving to fund a new church plant. They wanted to collect half a million in five weeks. Instead, they raised a whole million dollars! So I figured no one was contributing to any other fund or mission during that time. That IS the way things tend to go. Focus on one area, and another suffers. 

I did let them know that I bought two new tires for the van last month and am current on my mortgage and all bills. (I don't really have "bills." Just the utilities and cable. I'd be in trouble if I had any debt to take care of.) I may need help, but I am not a total loser! I just feel like one any time I have to ask for help. It's times like this that being a single parent is a burden.

Well, I'm trying to get three books finished (editing) this week. Then one will be left for next week. It's the longest but also a humorous book. The funny ones are the best because I can go faster. For some reason, they are just easier, simpler, to read. 

I wish I was headed to bed, but I'm headed back to the books. 

Plumbing and Lawn Mower Update: Plumbing issues were easily resolved without replacing the pipes. The lawn mower was an easy fix too. I was so relieved!

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