Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Find Inspiration in Photographs

Hello, friends,

I was invited to write a guest post for the Christian Writing Today website, and I’m happy to inform you that my post is now up! You can check it out here: Brenda’s Photograph Inspiration Article

They chose not to use a photo I referenced, so I’m going to post it here. This is a photo my daughter took a few years ago. She ended up using it in a calendar she made as a Christmas gift.

It’s always an interesting experience for an editor to be edited. Some may take it as a personal insult and get defensive, but I’ve come to view it as a learning experience. Some edits may cause me to wonder a bit, but I often nod my head or maybe shrug my shoulders. It really is easier to edit someone else’s work than it is my own!

What has inspired you lately?

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