Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I met Chris Sligh tonight! Live and in person!

Chris Sligh (from Season 6 American Idol) gave a mini-concert and signed autographs in a nearby town tonight, so the kids and I went. I got Chris' new CD "Running Back to You" and got speak to him and get a photo! Yay! Tomorrow is the official CD release date/party, so I got it one day early and am REALLY excited about it. I absolutely LOVE his first single playing on Christian radio right now. It's called Empty Me, and while I haven't been in the national spotlight as he has, I still have issues with pride in certain areas, and this song speaks for me too!

Oh, I got to share with Chris that I follow his blog(s) and post comments sometimes, and he implied that he recognized me. Maybe he did, or maybe he is super-nice to fans! LOL! I told him where I go to church, and he asked if I was there back when he was there, and I said yes I was, and there was this song he sang in church, and he says, "He Reigns," and I said, yes, that's it! I love that song, but I always get the title wrong. The arrangement Chris sang with the choir in the background was spine-tingling. I've never heard that version since. Chris, if you ever get the chance, you should include that arrangement of "He Reigns" on an album!

I wish Chris much success in his performing and songwriting career!

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