Thursday, June 26, 2008

Side Benefit of Homeschooling! A Son Who Cooks!

Barron is 16, and he made himself an omelet for breakfast this morning, using my new red skillet (the best skillet ever made, he says! LOL), and the aroma made my mouth water! Normally he just has toast or yogurt, but today he felt like something substantial. I asked him to make an omelet for me. I could tell he was pleased with my reaction to his cooking as he sat his plate aside and made another omelet - it was a 3-egg omelet with lots of onion, cheese, and bacon! He was even able to fold the fluffy thing over! It was soooooo good! Then as he was about to sit down to eat his omelet, his sister said, "Make me an omelet!" And he said he couldn't. Her face got stormy, and she said, "Why? You don't think I deserve an omelet?"

Well, I laughed so hard I nearly cried, which offended the poor girl. She had eaten yogurt for breakfast, but she was so jealous of our omelets! I told her that Barron needed to eat his omelet before it got cold, but that he would make her an omelet after he was done. (because, after all, she often prepares our family meals.) So she was satisfied to wait and got a 2-egg omelet that she gobbled up, and Mr. Short Order Cook thought you should know about his efforts to serve his mom and sis this morning!

I homeschooled him for 10 years before enrolling him in high school. In that time I was able to teach him life skills. In this instance, the student has surpassed the teacher! I've never made such a fluffy, delicious omelet in my life!

I've homeschooled his sister for 11 years, and of course life skills have been a good part of it. She enjoys cooking and often asks if she can make something or help me make something. One morning last week I woke up to the smell of banana nut muffins fresh from the oven, compliments of Jasmine!

Teens who cook for you - just one side benefit of homeschooling!

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