Friday, September 23, 2011

I Won a Sam's Club Recipe Contest!

SHRIEEEKKKK!!! *jumping up and down*   Looky what I just got!!!


First of all, we’d like to thank you for your participation in the Sam’s Club “Fresh, Fast and Fabulous” Cookbook Contest. That being said, we have some good news to share…

CONGRATULATIONS! You recipe entry has been selected by the judges as one of our GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! The prize you have won is a holiday meal package valued at $200. In addition, your recipe entry will be featured in the Sam’s Club “Fresh, Fast and Fabulous” Cookbook coming in 2012. The Approximate Retail value of the prize is $200. We have attached the Official Rules for complete details.


Thank you, and again, congratulations on behalf of Sam’s Club.

The Sam’s Club Team
Amie Throndson
Social Manager
    •  I sent them my original recipe called Brenda’s Delightful Dreamsicle Cake, an easy microwaveable dessert that I invented a year ago! They will probably take my  name off the recipe, *briefly sad* but I won I won I won! *jumping up and down, screaming, hoping the neighbors don't hear me and rush over or call the cops!*

      Update: Not only did they NOT remove my name from the recipe, they interviewed me and added my photo and thoughts about my cake! They changed the name to Orange Dream Supreme Cake. The actual prize was a $200 gift card to Sam’s Club. 

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