Saturday, October 6, 2012

New url, Same Blog

Howdy, friends!

No cowboys here, just felt like saying “howdy.” I don't know why.

Anyway, this is a test. I discovered tonight that I could change my url, so I did! My old one didn’t make sense. I didn’t really understand about the url thing when I created this blog, and was trying for something no one else would use: Brenda-Bramblerose. Clever, right? Yeah ... well ... No one looking for me would ever think of that, and I have decided it might be pleasant to be found (we shall see, won’t we), so I’ve given this blog my name: Brenda Covert.

My second discovery tonight was that the old bookmark to my blog no longer works. Oh well, since I know my own name, I quickly found my blog again. Easy peasy!

My third discovery will be whether my followers will learn of my change in their feeds/readers, or whether it tells them the blog is no longer there, and they will think I have died. Thus, I am  posting this essentially non-blog to find out which it’s going to be!

So, if you saw this without having to know my new url, please reply below. And if you had to become a detective to find me because I disappeared from your feed, let me know that as well. In fact, if you laid eyes on these words, say howdy back and let me know you were here. I’d be mighty obliged.

Mighty obliged.

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