Friday, November 16, 2012

Social Misfits and the Classroom

Thought for the Day:  Why do people keep insisting that kids need the traditional classroom experience to learn how to get along with others—with the implication being that without that experience, they will grow up to be social misfits? Look around. You’ll see all kinds of socially awkward individuals who grew up in those classrooms. Aren’t most bullies found in the classroom? They don’t seem to know how to get along acceptably with others (or care, for that matter). So it seems to me that the classroom as a training ground for modifying social behavior is a failure. Besides, its purpose should be to provide a comprehensive education in language arts, math, history, and science.  Fine arts and phys. ed. are good extras to have, though these days many states’ budgets can’t seem to afford them, leaving the pursuit of that kind of education in the hands of the parents.

As we grow, either we find a way to get along with the members of our family, or we argue and fight. We meet our neighbors, fellow church and club members, the employees of businesses we frequent, and co-workers. We won’t get along with everyone, but when we have an attitude of cooperation, we’ll manage to get along with many of them. It doesn’t take a classroom experience. It takes personal resolve. 

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