Monday, June 24, 2013

I Won! I Won! I Won!

My daughter and I went to the launch party of a new business this weekend, called American Echoes. We were invited by the mother of the founder, Michael Standridge. Near the end, he held a drawing for t-shirts, caps, and a grand prize. While my daughter crossed her fingers and hoped for a t-shirt, I was holding my breath for the grand prize: handcrafted wall art of a flag made with post-industrial, reclaimed wood and eco friendly paints. I don’t know if this particular one was produced with the help of disabled Americans, but the plan is to employ and train those who otherwise might not be given a chance, which is an issue that is dear to my heart. 

Anyway, I was so excited when my name was drawn from the bowl that I almost cried! That was the first time my name has ever been drawn for a grand prize. My friends would tell you I win lots of things, but really those are little, local Facebook contests where the prize is a free book or movie tickets or something; I promise I lose more than I win, and I don’t feel particularly lucky. A few years ago I won a $200 gift card for an original recipe I entered in a cookbook contest. That was a big thrill and the only other big win I can remember! But being informed of a win by email and being informed in person are two different experiences. I’m so tickled to have finally experienced both! Teehee!

Anyway, I had my choice of flags, and I chose the Betsy Ross flag. In addition to being a fan of circles, spots, and dots in general,  I’m more fond of history now than when I was in school being forced to memorize dates. Our nation’s first flag is a heartwarming piece of history.

The launch party was a roaring success with a crowd of people, a great spread (I hung out near the dessert table), and an informative and interesting video. There was even an extra, surprise video. A Virginia congressman who learned of American Echoes placed an order for two flags and then made a video to commend the founder for what he was doing! I was proud to be at the party even though I only knew two people there besides my daughter. LOL

My daughter did not win a t-shirt, so when I met the founder and introduced them, what do you suppose she said?  Not “Pleased to meet you.” Not “Nice party.” No, the first thing out of her mouth was “I wanted to win a t-shirt!” I was mortified! However, Michael was very kind and told her to go pick out her size, as he had not given them all away. She skipped off to do that, leaving us to talk. I ended up getting a photo with him, but the best photo turned out to be the one my daughter took outside as we walked to the car. 

I’m really excited about this new company. American Echoes. You can find them on Facebook. You can find them on Pinterest! A link to their website is in red in my first paragraph. You should definitely check them out. Oh yeah! They are having a summer sweepstakes for a flag on Facebook! The drawing is to be July 4th. If you are an adult, you might want to enter. You won’t have any competition from me on this one, since I already won a flag. *smiles*  Here’s the link: American Echoes Sweepstakes.  Give it a try!

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