Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I Won Two Weeks at Curves!

In January, a friend and I attended a fun style and health workshop. Afterward, there were door prizes. My number was drawn first, and the prize was a free two weeks at Curves. (My friend won a pedometer, which made her happy.)

To be honest, I wasn’t excited about my win at first. Exercise is not my idea of a fun activity, especially not public exercise. I joined a large gym back in the mid-80s but didn’t enjoy it that much (although the colorful aerobic leotards were fun to wear). Since I like to get my money’s worth, I decided to make the most of those two free weeks, whether I liked it or not! After all, it would be good for me!

Guess what. I liked it! I began my experience with three sessions with a friendly and encouraging trainer so that I could become familiar with the strength training machines and the way the 30-minute circuit works.

There was no time to be bored. Their machines form a circle around the room, and each piece of equipment is different to work different muscle groups. Lively music plays as you work at a machine for about 30 seconds, then get off and dance, march in place, whatever you want to do for cardio, for about 30 seconds. Two cycles around the room equals a 30-minute workout! And if you hate a particular machine, you are relieved that you only have to work on it for 30 seconds! Then there is the stretching station to make sure you cool down properly. There are classes as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed the balance class.

I noticed an increase in energy after my first workout. The health benefits and fun kept me going back. The downside is that it was an hour round trip drive to take advantage my free two weeks, so once I used up my weeks, I didn’t register to continue using Curves. But would I consider it if one was located closer to home? Sure! The experience reminded me of how much better I feel when I work my body.

This experience motivated me to embrace a more active lifestyle. I needed that reminder that a 30-minute workout makes me feel better, and that feeling lasts all day! And if I join my daughter in Wii Dance, we share the fun! So, while I did not make a New Year’s Resolution to exercise more in 2015, circumstances have led to my making that a priority. Funny how things “work out,” huh!

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