Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Date with Similar Styles

Similar Styles: on the left, magazine photo; on the right, me outfitted by Similar Styles
and the Mossimo jeans were just what I needed for my wedges!
Photo on the right by Lynsie Crespo.

On a recent Friday afternoon, I pulled up to a local thrift store for my “date” with the creator and fashion blogger of Similar Styles, Lynsie Crespo. Her goal is to help clients dress in high end fashion without paying a similar price! Lynsie is able to recreate outfits similar to those worn by celebrities or catalog models—with thrift store finds. I first met her at a style workshop in January and began following her Facebook page and her blog. She appears regularly on local TV shows Your Carolina and Studio 62 with models who show off her similar styles for a variety of events. Her work is always impressive!

Similar Color Gradient
Eager to experience the fun for myself, I arranged my own Similar Styles session and sent Lynsie some pictures of outfits I found appealing and hoped to recreate from thrifted goods. I arrived to find that Lynsie had already scoured the store for similar outfits and had them waiting for me in the dressing room! (Why didn’t I snap a picture of that amazing dressing room? *smacks forehead*) There was nothing for me to do but step inside and begin trying things on. Lynsie waited outside the room, and if I said I needed something in a different size, off she’d go to try and find it for me. She far exceeded my expectations. Based on the vacation plans I shared with her, Lynsie pulled some other items she thought I might like. (And guess what? I bought one of them!) She showed me how I could adjust too-large items to work for me, and she looked for accessories to polish off a look.

Similar Navy Polka Dot Dress
In the end, I spent 1-1/2 hours trying on and modeling outfits and snapping photos in the mirror, and then out of the many tops, pants, skirts, and dresses, I chose six pieces, paying the store a whopping $19 for them. Imagine how much longer I would have had to shop if looking through the racks and pulling out possibilities had been left up to me!

I’m sold on Lynsie’s Similar Styles service! You can learn more about Similar Styles at

 The White Coldwater Creek Pants Were Perfect!

Have you ever gone shopping with a picture of an outfit you hoped to find?

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